C2E2 – Working on my Chicago bucket list

One of the things I absolutely had to do before leaving Chicago is to attend C2E2 – the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.  Every year I’ve been here, I’ve remembered I needed to get tickets a week after the event ended!  This time, with Chicago State cancelling spring break and me having to forfeit my trip to New Mexico, I was determined not to miss the event.

Turns out I don’t know much about popular culture.

My goal was to catch up on the latest in Star Wars costumes.  I was not disappointed.  There were a few good Ray’s in the crowd and a couple Kylo Ren’s, one of which was a little happier than in the movie, but majority of Star Wars outfits fell into the Stormtrooper/Mandalorian category.

There were many costumes that were completely lost on me.  I needed an artist to tell me who Groot was (after I bought a bunch of his work), and I’m happy that Ghostbusters has made a comeback because I could recognize those costumes.  Ah well, here’s how I saw the show.  Start the slideshow by clicking on a picture.


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