The Periodic Table

2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table. Throughout the year, I’ll be adding resources (both my own and those I’ve found on the web) that I find interesting. Drop me a line if there’s something you think should be added.

External links and resources

  • My go-to website for an internet-based periodic table is webelements.
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry as a rather comprehensive periodic table website.
  • Theo Gray‘s periodic table website. I bought the book. I won’t recommend it because Theo does a great job reminding you to spend money every few sentences on the website.
  • Article from Life Magazine (1949) describing what we knew (then) about the atom. Here’s the neat periodic table that was spread on pages 82/83:
Periodic table in May 1949 issue of Life Magazine.

My work

I’ve got a few periodic-table projects going on, which can be found on these pages.

Listed below are various posts that I’ve tagged with the Periodic Table. Some are informative, some are just for fun.