Coal for Gimli?

Gimli gave us a bit of a scare after Thanksgiving. The basement doors blew open during a windstorm and the runt escaped. He ended up spending the night outdoors. After an anxious night (yes, I’m attached to my kitties), I took what I expected to be a final search for Gimli around the neighborhood, when I heard him crying near the garage. I turned around and there was a grumpy Gimli, sitting on the patio, cold and scared, but no worse for wear. (In fact, despite the rain he was neither wet nor muddy, so I’m thinking he got himself caught in the garage and was too scared to call out when he hear us searching for him.) Anyway, he spent his day back warming up.

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Dry labs real science

Recently, I had a chance to talk about an approach I developed to help students interact more effectively with on-line instrumentation simulations. I call it [Do][Explore][Act] and it’s an evolution of the Predict-Obseve-Explain approach to doing science demonstrations. The point is to provide mediation remotely so that students have a better understanding of what they are supposed to do with a simulator and how they are being assessed. The presentation has now been posted on DryLabsRealScience youtube channel. You can find the complete playlist here.

Antiracism in STEM

A useful resource made its way into my Twitter feed recently. Yes, it comes as a surprise to me as well that I write “useful” and “Twitter” in the same sentence. As we continue to take action on diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM, we need to learn more about the common critiques and responses that pop up in conversations. From arguments involving reverse discrimination and hiring based on merit alone, to there not being enough persons of color who want to work in STEM, this guide provides resources for more fruitful discussions. The original documents can be found here and I’ve included the PDF on my website just to have a local copy. Have a look.