Promotion time

After a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we were able to bring Judo back to SUNY Brockport this semester. It did involve limiting membership to those who were willing to show proof of vaccination and wear masks during the workout. Nonetheless, we had a core group of students and community members who were just itching to get back on the tatami.

This semester was especially noteworthy for me. As the faculty advisor for the Brockport Judo club and assistant instructor, I had the honor of awarding my first students with their yellow belts. Congratulations to Glen and Jo for their hard work during the semester. I’m looking forward to more training sessions!

Glen (left) and Jo (right) just started Judo this semester, and have progressed very nicely in the sport.

Mandy at night

Rozenn and I went to the SUNY Brockport choir performance the other night; it was very enjoyable. Afterwards, we walked by the department to see what Mandy (the LED periodic table you can speak to) was up to. Still as bright as ever. It makes me wonder how many students walking the campus at night look up to my office and wonder what the heck is going on?

Happy Thanksgiving, 2021

This year, we decided to try something a little different. I was a bit bored with our traditional fixing so we went with (almost) all new sides. To top it off, we even decided to make it a vegetarian meal.

The main dish course (which is squished to the side) is a caramelized onion and squash tart. Sides include (clockwise from the tart): Brussels sprouts with mostarda, brown butter mushroom pilaf, apple and fennel stuffing, broccoli quinoa salad and my traditional shaped dinner rolls, served with a side of black garlic gravy. Not shown are the apple pie – since it’s still in the oven – and the pumpkin pie – because that never lasts long enough for a photo.

Wishing all(!) of you a very happy holiday.

Almost finished

As any good Sith, I’ve been working on building my own lightsaber. As a not very good Sith, I’ve been taking my sweet time. Finally got some critical parts (umm, the blade) and the project is coming together nicely. Still have some wiring to work on and tweaks to the blade.