A pandemic Thanksgiving

Rozenn and I have spent many years doing Thanksgiving for 2 since we’ve often been far from family, so the pandemic didn’t affect our normal routine. That said, I did initiate a new pandemic-inspired tradition: eating Thanksgiving pie before Thanksgiving. I figured “if a pie falls in the forest, and no one is there to witness it, was it really eaten?”

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. Stay safe.

Eowyn is waiting to be served while Gimli is busy making the stuffing.

New adventures

It was a busy week for me, starting off with a birthday celebration, culminating with Star Wars Day, and it happened to be my last week of teaching at Chicago State.

I have a fake facebook account floating around on the interweb. My original intention was to use it to snoop into other people’s lives and maybe take advantage of a special offer or two. Since the birthday I entered on that account is false, the few real friends of mine who found the account typically wish me a happy birthday some time in the fall. Fortunately, my wife doesn’t do facebook either, so she isn’t fooled by the alternative facts found on-line and knows when to really celebrate my birthday, and she did so this year with a pyramid of lava cakes.

Full disclosure, this picture does not have enough calories in it, so coffee ice cream and freshly made maple-syrup flavored whipped cream were added post production.

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