And we’re back (again)

If you’re a frequent visitor (and I doubt you are, because you’re not me, and I don’t think anyone really visits here unless they have to) you’ll notice that the website has been revamped again.  I noticed another backdoor was opened in the previous version of the website, and I ended up taking a scorched-earth approach to solving the problem.

I also felt a need to change platforms.  Joomla was too much for me.  It’s not only the multiple (sadly successful) hacks, but Joomla is a bit too heavy for what I want to do here.  So, I’ve decided to try WordPress.  We’ll see how it goes.

Where’s the old content?  I do have backups (which aren’t that easy to access, given the way Joomla does things) and once I confirm that the content is clean, I’ll start curating it and restoring useful bits here.

2 thoughts on “And we’re back (again)

  1. Hello Dr. LeSuer, I’m sorry for the indirect contact but I am a highschool student and I was hoping that you could help me with my science project. I am interested in programming and raspberry pis so my teacher actually suggested starting with something that we thought would be relatively easy, connecting Vernier sensors to the raspberry pi and comparing the process to LabQuest and Logger Pro. I cannot seem to find any more step-by-step articles on it then the one posted on the RaspPi site and the one previously here. As it stands the project is not as easy as it previously sounded and I could not hardly wrap my head around what order I should do anything past unpacking the file. I was going to attempt to contact you because of this anyways but now I have an additional problem. I hadn’t even copied let alone saved the scripts you linked in your instructions. They aren’t linked on the Pi site so I can’t be certain that they are necessary but, needless to say, I had no idea what to do with them either. I understand if you are unable to get back to me but I really need to have this done before January and, therefore, Christmas Break. Thank you for your consideration.

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