FeAtHEr-Cm meets Star Wars

I have this little Star Wars lunch box, and just noticed that it is big enough to fit the Adafruit Feather along with my potentiostat featherwing. What does that mean? I have the most awesome Faraday cage!

Mini metal Star Wars lunch box hanging out with the bob173 potentiostat.
And voila! A Faraday cage… if I’m willing to drill holes in the case.

3 thoughts on “FeAtHEr-Cm meets Star Wars

  1. Wouldn’t you want the cell in the cage too? I haven’t done e-chem for many years but I seem to recall that we needed to enclose the entire system.

    • You are absolutely correct; I was taking a bit of poetic license there. Truth be told, though, I think there is enough space in the box for a microcell if I can find smaller alligator clips.

      • Times like that, I miss Radio Shack. I solved many problems with a quick trip to the local RS for connectors or such. Good luck.

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